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Helping organizations build healthy teams and successful organizational cultures
In the Human Resources articles, we describe some of the challenges we have seen and lessons we have learned from helping organizations build healthy teams and successful organizational cultures. When you are ready to work on hiring, compensation, career planning, bias mitigation, or any of the other institution-building steps of new growth – Architectural Art can help!

Hiring Panels

Diverse hiring panels can mitigate the risk of bias from a single evaluation

Reference Planning

How to Prepare when Working on Projects Requiring Non-Disclosure Agreements

3 Hiring Tools to Overcome Bias

Identifying and overcoming unconscious bias in hiring is crucial for promoting fairness and diversity in the workplace.

Mentoring Benefits the Individual and the Team

Dynamic and reciprocal relationships that not only benefit the mentee but also offers valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth for the mentor

Shifting compensation plans

Labor hour-based compensation model vs project completion and production milestones

Re-engaging in a career interrupted by a health crisis

The journey back to re-engaging in an interrupted career is often fraught with practical, systemic, and emotional challenges.

Balancing Internal Growth and Exit Paths in a Healthy Organization

Opportunity for in-house growth and healthy exit planning

Challenges in Hiring for Mission Organizations

Resolve for a diverse workplace, fair hiring practices and fair labor standards

Identifying and Resolving Bias

There is more to fairness and justice in organizations than a paragraph in the employee handbook, and requires using a well-thought-out plan.

The Human Resources Function

Strategies for Scaling Success: Navigating the HR Function in Growing Teams

Back Office Systems

Farm Innovation Series

Human Resources

Lessons from Great Leaders

Leveraging Technology


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