IP + Relationships + Institutions

Building IP

Architectural Art was founded in 1986 to provide rendering and illustration services to architects, builders, developers, and advertising agencies. Over the years of helping our clients grow, we have been involved at every level from providing an individual piece of artwork, to planning and implementing a year-long campaign, to consulting on positioning and market presence.

Building Relationships

Customers have increasingly requested support for organizational growth across the back office as well as customer-facing marketing and presentations work. We have developed human resources systems, continuous compliance programs, and helped find and establish relationships with other professional services to support legal, financial, and other operational departments.

Building Institutions

Whether you need support for marketing or sales pre-qualification tools, or process automation and best practice support across your back office, contact Architectural Art to help build success for your team and for your audience.

Applying Best Practices

Architectural Art was founded to provide renderings and illustrations. Artwork went to support sales and presentations. Over the years, being involved in the development and management of client brands led to more involvement in operations in general, and the back office in particular. Below are articles that address topics across profit and non-profit organizations as they confront the challenges of growth. When you are ready to work on process automation, HR systems, accounting or legal or insurance service administration, or any of the other institution-building steps of new growth –¬†Architectural Art can help!