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Farm Innovation Series

Local farm innovation is driving good outcomes for their communities.

Farm Innovation Series

Local farms are making the most of federal and state resources through innovative practices that enrich their communities. 

From smart farming methods to creative marketing approaches and eco-friendly initiatives, these articles showcase how local farms contribute to their communities while accessing and managing federal and state resources.

A Recipe for Innovation and Community Building

Urban Farming in Underutilized Real Estate

Veganic Farming

Explore pure plant-based farming options

Diversity Drives Innovation

Unique experiences and worldviews inspire new ways of thinking and new farming practices

Local Growers Thrive with USDA’s Urban Agriculture Investments

Local growers are the heart of the urban agricultural landscape

Pioneering Solar-Powered Crop Dehydrators with USDA Grant

USDA Grant Funds Solar

Finn River’s Green Energy Initiative

Follow up article on Finn River

Fueling Basic Research

Shape the future of agrisciences through research, self-efficacy, scientific competencies, and outreach

JLT and Finn River

Nurturing Local Innovation and Grant Management for Sustainable Success

Back Office Systems

Farm Innovation Series

Human Resources

Lessons from Great Leaders

Leveraging Technology


Teams and Teamwork

Architectural Art

Best Practices

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