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Here are some of the key advantages:


Think back to the 1980s and you will remember the excitement surrounding announcements of the “paperless office.” Announcing the demise of the paper-based organization was premature… until now! The combination of online database tools and the broad audience of the world wide web now makes process automation possible and practical. Only type in your information once! Empower teams with groupware and online collaboration tools! Share information! Support distant sales efforts! Use Cool Thinking to bring your paper-based processes online!


Do you want viewers to register at your site for security reasons? For user tracking? For address-book automation? Do you want your audience to be able to configure your website like desktop software? Get the job done with Cool Thinking!

Administration Interfaces

Do you have back-end processes you want to enable through a browser? Empower your administrative staff with the abilities of database programmers? Give your sales and marketing teams the ability to customize content and features for specific clients? Cool Thinking will help you deliver the tools your staff needs to maximize their value to your business.

Custom Features

Establish points of difference to raise your organization above your competition. Offer your clients the ability to lower THEIR costs! (especially the cost of working with YOU!)

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Using the internet to: Create new markets for your products and services? Lower the costs of doing business? Make your business easy and fun to work with?


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When you are ready to work on growing your intellectual property, engaging creative resources for your brand, or any of the other institution-building steps of new growth – Architectural Art can help!

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