Challenges in Hiring for Mission Organizations

Resolve for a diverse workplace, fair hiring practices and fair labor standards

Small and growing charities and mission organizations so often have to overcome challenges in hiring in order to achieve a diverse workplace and maintain fair hiring practices and fair labor standards


Limited resources: Small charities and mission organizations typically operate on tight budgets and have limited resources for recruitment and hiring. They may lack the financial means to advertise widely, conduct extensive candidate searches, or hire specialized HR staff to oversee the hiring process. This can result in a narrower pool of applicants and limit their ability to attract diverse candidates.

Lack of brand recognition: Smaller organizations may struggle to establish a strong brand presence or reputation, especially compared to larger and more established organizations. This can make it challenging to attract a diverse range of applicants who may be more drawn to well-known organizations with established track records.

Unconscious bias: Even with the best intentions, unconscious biases can influence hiring decisions. Individuals involved in the hiring process may unintentionally favor candidates who resemble themselves in terms of background, experiences, or beliefs. This can lead to a lack of diversity and inclusion within the organization.

Limited networks: Small organizations may have limited professional networks, which can restrict their access to a diverse talent pool. Larger organizations often have extensive networks and connections that they can tap into for recruiting purposes, whereas smaller organizations may not have the same level of reach.

Competition for talent: Smaller organizations often find themselves competing with larger organizations that can offer higher salaries, better benefits, and more extensive resources. This can make it challenging to attract top-tier candidates, especially those from underrepresented or marginalized groups who may have more options available to them.

Compliance with labor standards: Small organizations may struggle to navigate the complexities of labor laws and standards, especially if they lack dedicated HR personnel or legal expertise. Adhering to fair labor practices, including minimum wage requirements, employee benefits, and workplace safety regulations, can be particularly challenging for smaller organizations with limited resources.


To overcome these challenges, small and growing charities and mission organizations can take several steps:

Develop inclusive hiring practices: Implementing structured hiring processes that focus on objective criteria and qualifications can help mitigate unconscious bias. Organizations can also consider implementing diversity and inclusion training for their staff involved in the hiring process.

Build partnerships and networks: Collaborating with other organizations, forming partnerships with academic institutions, or joining professional networks can expand their reach and increase access to a diverse pool of candidates.

Enhance their employer brand: Investing in marketing efforts to raise awareness about the organization’s mission, values, and inclusive work environment can help attract diverse talent. Highlighting employee testimonials and success stories can also be effective in building a positive employer brand.

Seek external support: Small organizations can seek assistance from external resources such as nonprofit associations, job placement agencies, or volunteer organizations specializing in talent acquisition. These entities can provide guidance, expertise, and access to diverse talent pools.

Prioritize fair labor practices: It is crucial for organizations to familiarize themselves with labor laws and standards and ensure compliance. Seeking legal advice, establishing clear HR policies, and regularly reviewing and updating employment practices can help create a fair and equitable work environment.

By addressing these challenges proactively and implementing strategies to promote diversity and fairness, small charities and mission organizations can enhance their hiring practices, create more inclusive workplaces, and attract a diverse range of talented individuals.

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