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Using the internet to: Create new markets for your products and services? Lower the costs of doing business? Make your business easy and fun to work with?

Grow your business with Cool Thinking!

Clients may access process automation, project requirements analysis, site architecture, project management, workflow design and organization, and reporting. Come to appreciate the intersection of Operations Management with Programming. Contact Cool Thinking for any operational support from writing employee handbooks, employee benefits programs, and other human resources needs to integration of distributed business units to straight coding of custom software systems or integration of your home system with distributed applications, web, or tablet apps.

Process Automation
Systems grow organically. Dedicated staff contributes over time in response to the varying needs and restrictions of your business environment. Call upon Cool Thinking to assess those processes which are expensive, slow, redundant… even though they might be “getting it done” right now.Use Cool Thinking to build online, database-driven tools to automate the inefficiencies and reduce your costs!

Project Requirements Analysis
With a clear purpose for a specific technology, an organization may still need outside input to efficiently define the tools and techniques required to accomplish their goals. Cool Thinking offers a Requirements Document service to address these needs. Clients receive a white paper detailing all aspects of hardware, software, personnel and timeline aspects of their project. Apply the paper to internal decisionmaking or requesting proposals from potential outside contractors or other resources.

Site Architecture
Once the scope of a project is defined, the internal architecture of the system needs to be composed, as well as the structure of any data integrations, legacy system integrations or feature integrations which are required. Call upon Cool Thinking to define the site architecture and system logic for your next project!

Project Management
Cool Thinking offers project management services drawing upon 13 years of experience in fortune 500 corporate business and project development, non-profit organization consulting, as well as local and special-purpose business projects. Projects completed range from individual stand-alone identity products to complex corporate sites with both consumer and administrative interfaces, database feature integrations and high-level technical and graphic design.

Business Plan Analysis and Report
Are you a traditional business pursuing expansion with internet presence and online tools? Then use Cool Thinking Business Plan Services to make sure you hit your target! Don’t waste time and resources writing a plan that won’t protect you from the traps waiting for internet startups! We will analyze your current plan documents and prepare a report with the information you need for success!

When you are ready to work on clearing process bottlenecks and preparing for new markets, team expansion, or any of the other institution-building steps of new growth - Architectural Art can help!