Founded in 1986

Using the internet to: Create new markets for your products and services? Lower the costs of doing business? Make your business easy and fun to work with?

Cool Thinking offers clients the services of creative direction and image design, digital photograhy, QTVR stitching and mapping, graphic animation and animation.

Brand Continuity
Cool Thinking will help you create styleguides for print and web and implement them throughout your organization. Positioning and representation must always be “on brand” to promote ROI for artwork and clear messaging for the audience.

Creative Direction
All graphics and visual interface elements need to function well while they maintain and extend your brand. Use Cool Thinking to develop your visual direction!

Digital Photography
Call Cool Thinking when you need digital photography for the web! 360º QTVR movies and 180º panoramas are available as well as static imagery.

QTVR Stitching and Mapping
Presents an interactive panel which the viewer can use to view the virtual environment in 360º as they turn through the scene. Mapping allows the viewer to navigate through linked scenes by clicking on key areas. Use interactive 360º tours to engage your audience with virtual interior spaces.

Graphic Animation
Cool Thinking offers vector and gif animations as well more complex interactive pieces. From storyboarding to production to kiosk or online implementation – build your narrative and engage your audience with Cool Thinking!

Scripting and CSS
For environments where the scope of work requires: Complete and flexible data integration Document and archive management

When you are ready to work on growing your intellectual property, engaging creative resources for your brand, or any of the other institution-building steps of new growth - Architectural Art can help!