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Browse the above three examples* that attempt to portray our process as well as our capabilities.

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Case One: Fast and Affordable
"My boss asked me to gather information..."

We had to find out what kind of renderings we could get, and what we will get for our money. We also didn't have a lot of time because the print deadline for our brochure was coming up, and the sales center was almost ready to open.Block-style floorplans

When I called Architectural Art, they understood where I was coming from right away. I read the free report "Architectural Rendering in 2010" in a few minutes and it was easy to send in an email with the AutoCad and PDF files from our architect. We received a proposal early the next morning!

The price was good, and we decided to go ahead with the floorplans and a pen & ink rendering that we could later colorize. We chose the block style floorplans because they are clean and low cost. We chose a pen & ink rendering because the price was also so low, and also because we could have it colorized for the cover of the brochure without having to pay for another rendering starting from scratch.

Pen & InkArchitectural Art had samples for us to review after only a few days, and they incorporated our feedback right away. We downloaded the floorplans from the FTP site, and the watercolor painting arrived by overnight delivery all within two weeks from my first phone call!

Architectural Art recognized why we needed renderings. They recommended an affordable way for us to get sales tools appropriate for each purpose, and how we want to use them.

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