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Browse the above three examples* that attempt to portray our process as well as our capabilities.

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Case Three: High End High Tech!
"What about for our Class A development?"

Architectural Art saved me time from the beginning because they understood how the positioning of my Class A project determined our marketing needs. I read the free report "Architectural Rendering in 2009" in a few minutes and sent our architectural plans via email. That was all Architectural Art needed to start, and I 3D Community Aerialquickly had the samples I needed for me to work with my own team and push the project forward.

This development was constructed with high-speed fiber optic and ethernet cabling, smart-house infrastructure and zone controls. I also know that working with my clients and key architect will require some plan revisions before we all get to closing.

For all these reasons, Architectural Art recommended that we go with 3D computer renderings instead of traditional hand renderings. We received beautiful digital renderings and 3D animation on schedule –

3D Interiorand we were able to make our revisions throughout our project without breaking our budget.

We downloaded all the digital work from the FTP site, and had everything we needed for our website, our print campaign and to play on screens in our sales center.

Architectural Art was the high-tech partner we needed to achieve our marketing goals and make our project a success!

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